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A seashore private club

Front to the ocean and based on Atlantic Avenue, the Costão da Barra is one of the most incredible and desirable points of Brazil. The enterprise still counts with a view of the beautiful Camboriú river, completing the landscape. There are three residential towers with elegance and modernity and various floor plant opportunities. The sunset is unique: you can enjoy a 180° view thanks to the huge windows in the apartments in the front section.

Leisure is, as the comfort and privacy, one of the top priorities of this project. The spaces are distributed in 7.200m² with multiple possibilities of entertainment. Have you ever thought of going to the beach and then to the movies without having to go far? In Costão da Barra you can enjoy the shore in front of your apartment and later you can go watch your favourtite movies at the Home Cinema. This is one of the few attractions that this true seashore private club has to offers.

The apartments keep up with the beauty of the city, and because of its exclusivity, overcomes all expectations. Here you discover the real pleasure of feeling the wind blow while you admire the sea view every day, always being a part of the best moments in your life.

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    • Gym
    • Wet Bar
    • Movie Theather
    • Entrance Hall
    • Beauty Salon
    • Enterntainment Room
    • Zen Space
    • Multisport court
    • Tennis Court
    • Big living room
    • 4 suites
    • Fully equipped
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Av. Atlântica, 4664 - Centro, Balneário Camboriú - SC, 88330-030, Brasil

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Balneário Camboriú is one of the most desirable cities in Brazil, bein the Central beach the most disputed areas to live. With a full infrastructure of stores and urban mobility, the region brings all the support for the highest living standard. The beach in itself is a charm, with its calm waters and natural beauty – great for friends and family. Another landscape highlight is the Cabras island, a postal card of the city that puts the final touches on the unique beauty of the city. Besides that, in its 6 kilometers of extension, the Central beach has all that is best in nightlife, with options for all tastes and a great vibe that only Balneário Camboriú can offer.

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Sales Offices
  • Unid. Barra Sul
    Balneário Camboriú
    Barra Sul
    Av. Atlântica, 4770
    (47) 3367-4000
  • Unid. Praia Brava
    Praia Brava
    Av. José Medeiros Vieira, 1300
    (47) 3349-0004
  • Unid. Itajaí
    Rua Samuel Heusi, 149
    (47) 3514-0540
  • Atendimento On-line
    8h - 20h
    Segunda a segunda
    8am - 20pm
  • Central Administrativa
    Balneário Camboriú
    1101 Street, 60 - 14th floor - Ed. Camboriú Business
    (47) 3263-4000
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